Teksty piosenek / P / Paul Gilbert

  12 Days of the blues

  2 Become 1

  Alligator farm

  Attitude boy will overcome

  Beautiful girls are insane

  Be my wife

  Better chords



  Cut, cut, cut

  Double trouble

  Down to Mexico

  Dreamed Victoria

  Get it

  Girl crazy

  Girlfriend's birthday

  Girls watching

  Girls who can read your mind

  Heavy disco trip

  I do

  I'm just in love

  Individually twisted

  Kate is a star

  Koto girl

  Lancelot link

  Midnignt Maryanne

  Million dollar smile

  Mr. Skin

  My Naomi

  Pacific coast highway

  Six billion people

  Sookie sookie



  The ballad of the last lions


  Wrong man

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