Teksty piosenek / P / Paul Anka

  Adam and Eve


  A steel guitar and a glass of wine

  Crazy love

  Dance on Llittle girl


  Eso beso

  Every night

  Goodnight my love

  Having my baby

  Hello, young lovers

  Hold me till the morning comes

  I believe there is nothing stronger than our love

  I don't like to sleep alone

  I love you in the same old way

  I miss you so

  I never knew your name

  It's time to cry

  Kiddy Kiddy kiss me

  Let the bells keep ringing

  Lonely boy

  Longest day

  Love me warm and tender


  My home town

  My way

  Oh Carol

  One man woman, one woman man


  Put your head on my shoulder

  Remember Diana

  Steel guitar and a glass of wine

  Summer's gone

  This is love

  Times of your life

  Time to cry

  Tonight my love, tonight


  You are my destiny

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