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Papermoon - Dancing again

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Come with me I will show you my castleClose the doors don't let anybody inFrom the tower we will watching the peopleWe'll be dancing againDown by the river you'll seeIs the place where I come fromTake my hand follow meOver the hills you will seeIs the place where we belongBelieve me we'll be soon coming homeDown to the forest we runWe are picking up flowers that are growing around usWe lay in the grass and the sunIs still keeping us warmBelieve me we are now coming homeCome with me ...We dring from the fountain of loveAnd play with our children til the moon is risingWe look at the world from aboveFrom our tower of loveBelieve me we have found our homeCome with me ...There was a time we had to runWe had to freeze in the nightDo you rememberThese days are gone and we have foundA better place in the lightA place in the lightWhen you're cold I will hold you my babyWhen you're sad I will make you laugh againIf one day we'd be old and helplessWe would dance til the endCome with me ...

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