Papermoon - As one

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I was wrong, I know we changed youforgive me is all I can sayI try to hard to find the words to saywe´ll find a waywe heard ourselves, when we heard in troublewe sill keep doing this againtake my hand, be my brotherwe dont´t need to play that gameCHORUS:What ever may come, we stay togetheryou are the one who makes me live againcan´t you fell the hearts, beating togetherbeating as onetimes of joy and times of sorrowso much we´ve been trueI don´t care what comes tomorowall I neet in my life is youCHORUS:Try your eyes nowit´s getting betterdon´t you get yourself down it´s nowsacrifice now we stay togetheris it law we have foundis it hard to kepp it foreveris it hard to believeCHORUS:3x

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