Teksty piosenek / P / Papa Roach


  Anxiety with bep

  Be Free

  Between Angels and Insects


  Binge (deutsche)

  Black clouds

  Black clouds (deutsche)

  Blanket of fear


  Blood Brothers

  Born with nothing, die with everything

  Broken Home

  Code of energy

  Dead Cell

  Decompression period

  Dirty cut freak

  Done With You

  Don't look back

  Do Or Die

  Getting away with murder

  Gouge away


  Harder than a coffin nail



  I said you fuckin die


  Last Resort


  Life is a bullet

  Liquid diet

  Living room

  Love hate tragedy


  M-80 (deutsche)

  My bad side

  Never Enough

  Never said it

  Not Listening

  Orange drive palms



  Revenge (deutsche)


  She Loves Me Not

  She loves me not (deutsche)

  Shut up n die

  Singular indestructible droid


  Snakes (deutsche)


  Stop Looking

  Take me


  Thight rope

  Thrown Away

  Thrown away (deutsche)

  Tight Rope


  Time and time again

  Tyranny of normality

  Walking through barbed wire

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