Teksty piosenek / O / Ozzy Osbourne



  All the same

  Ancient warrior

  Angry heart

  Anno mundi


  back on earth

  Back to Eden

  Bark at the moon

  Behind the wall of sleep


  Black illusion

  Black Sabbath

  Bloodbath in paradise

  Blue monday

  Breaking all the rules

  Can you hear them

  Centre of eternity

  Children of the grave

  close my eyes forever

  Crazy babies

  crazy train

  Demon alcohol



  Diary Of A Madman



  Down to earth


  Facing hell

  Fairies wear boots



  Fire in the sky

  Flying high again

  Fool like you


  Get me through

  Ghost behind my eyes

  Goodbye to romance

  Grazy train


  I ain't no nice guy

  I Just Want You

  Iron man

  Jack's land


  Killer of giants

  Lightning strikes

  Little dolls

  Living with the enemy

  Mama I'm Coming Home

  Miracle man

  Mr. Crowley

  mr. tinkertrain


  My jekyll doesn't hide

  My little man


  Never know why


  No bone movies

  No easy way out

  no more tears

  Now you see it

  old l.a. tonight


  Party with the animals

  perry mason

  Pictures of matchstick men




  Road to nowhere

  Running out of time

  Sabbath bloody sabbath


  Secret loser

  see you on the other side

  Shot in the dark


  Slow down


  Social enemies

  So tired



  Suicide solution

  Sweet leaf

  Symptom of the universe

  Tatooed dancer

  Thank god for the bomb

  That i never had

  The liar

  The ultimate sin

  The wizard

  Thunder underground

  time after time

  Voodoo dancer

  Waiting for darkness

  walk on water

  You can hear them

  You know

  You looking at me, looking at you

  You're no different

  You said it all

  Zombie stomp

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