Teksty piosenek / O / OXYMORON

  21st Century

  Alive or Dead



  Beware, Poisonous!

  Beware, Poisonous

  Big Brother

  Big Mouth

  Black Cats



  Bored And Violent




  Concrete Jungle

  Crazy World

  Crisis Identity

  Dawn Patrol

  Day After

  Dead End Generation

  Dead End Generation

  Dirty Punk

  Don't Call Me Cunt

  Down The Drain

  Drug Shock

  Faces From Below


  Fuckers Everywhere

  Get A Gun

  Here We Go...

  Hey You

  Hey You

  Hit the road

  Hit the Road (Again)


  Idols Are Out

  I'm Genuine



  Legion '82

  Legion 82

  Life's a Bitch

  Mohican Tunes

  Nuclear War

  Obscene Army

  On The Outside

  Petrol Bomb


  Razor's Blade

  Razors's blade


  Run from Reality

  Scream and shout

  Scream & Shout

  Self Rule




  The day after

  The Factory

  The Pigs

  Under Pressure



  We Rule O. K.

  We rule ok


  What's Going On

  Wild and Dangerous

  You're A Bore (You Whore)

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