Teksty piosenek / O / Owen Temple

  Accidentally break my heart

  Before the night becomes the dawn

  Burning too hot to last

  Can't keep my mind off you


  Driving myself crazy

  Dry creek

  Faith without works

  For old time's sake

  House of cards

  If you called

  I wrote you a waltz

  Jaded lover

  James' blue

  Lights of town

  Listenin to the am

  Little sweet loss


  Me & Maria

  Move around money

  No daring is fatal

  One less thing to worry about

  Open window

  Passing through

  Tennessee highway

  That's not something i could do

  The madder you are

  The wanna wanna bar

  This ain't Las Vegas

  Treat you like i do

  Trouble with you

  When i hit San Antone

  You never can tell

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