Teksty piosenek / O / Old 97's


  Alone so far

  Am i too late

  Barrier reef

  Bel air

  Big brown eyes

  Bird in a cage

  Book of poems


  Buick city complex

  Busted afternoon

  Crash on the barrelhead

  Designs on you

  Desperate times


  Dressing room walls

  Four leaf clover

  Going, going, gone

  Hands off

  House that used to be

  If my heart was a car



  Just like California

  King of all the world

  Lonely holiday

  Mama tried

  Melt show

  Miss Molly


  Nervous guy



  Old familiar steam


  Over the cliff


  Rollerskate skinny


  St. Ignatius


  Streets of where i'm from

  The other shoe


  Tupelo county jail

  Up the devil's pay




  What i wouldn't do

  What we talk about


  Wish the worst

  W. Tx teardrops

  You belong to my heart

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