Teksty piosenek / O / Ocean Blue

  10 10 Cloud deck

  A familar face

  A seperate reality

  Ask me Jon

  Awaking to a dream

  Ballerina out of control


  Between something and nothing

  Bite your lip


  Bliss is unaware

  Breezing up


  Cathedral bells


  Cloudy days


  Don't believe everything you hear

  Emotions ring

  Frigid winter days

  Hurrican amore

  Ice skating at night

  Just let me know

  Love song




  My scream

  Out here

  Past future perfect

  Peace of mind

  Questions of travel

  Sea of green



  The circus animals

  The office of a busy man

  The planetarium scene

  There is a light that never goes out

  The relatives

  To hear

  Vanity fair

  Ways & means

  Whenever you're around

  When life was easy

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