Teksty piosenek / O / Oblivion




  Annie Edwards


  Autumn salt apathy flytrap

  Bob and weave





  Day job

  Do me

  Don't sit down

  Fantastic plastic

  Fear of China


  Friday night

  Grandma neusbaum


  I didn't


  Looking through


  Meanwhile, back on the satellite

  Oak park


  Opera night

  Over you


  Party dress

  Polariod man



  She likes saturdays

  She's moving to Paris





  The dance

  The day the calvary got gum cancer

  The great American rock & roll tragedy

  The little red-haired girl


  The put the plays on passion

  The rock game

  The taste

  To get a message to you

  We had to say it again

  We hate reruns

  Yellow 5

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