Teksty piosenek / O / Obituary

  Back from the dead

  Back to one


  Body bag

  Boiling point

  Bullituary (remix)

  Burned in

  By the light

  Cause of death

  Chopped in half

  Circle of tyrants


  Deadly intentions

  Dead silence

  Don't care



  Feed on the weak

  Final thougths

  Find the arise

  Gates to hell

  Godly beings

  I'm in pain

  Immortal visions


  Internal bleeding

  In the end of life



  Kill for me

  Killing time

  Like the dead



  Memories remain


  Platonic disease

  Pressure point



  Rotting ways

  Set in stone


  Slowly we rot

  Solid state




  The end complete

  Threatening skies

  Til death

  Till death

  Turned inside out

  World demise

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