Teksty piosenek / N / Norton

  26 Cents


  All you have given me

  Alone in the dark

  Back up




  Dixie girl


  Don't let me get over you

  Don't lie to me

  Down in lovin

  Do you get me

  Do you know who i am



  Fall at me

  Fallin far



  Full of me

  Girl oh girl

  Goin home

  Grandma told me

  Honey is so sweet

  I and you

  I ever know

  I let you go

  I'll still love me

  It gonna be

  It was

  I wanna come

  I wanted to know

  I want to be the eight


  Keep fun


  Let's make such a thing

  Like a sad song



  My baby

  My way

  New day

  Nothing but love

  On my feet


  Open minded

  Other places

  Over you


  Powerful things

  Rubbin it out


  She went out

  Should wait

  Show me

  Southern coast

  Step by step

  Still lovin you

  Sweet thing

  The baby show

  The big Joe

  The fat one

  The fool

  The love i need

  The real Elvis

  The sentence

  The theres me

  Travelin shoes


  Very special

  What do you mean

  White single

  Why do i still want you

  Why lady why



  Without you

  Wouldn't desire me

  Yellow river


  Yoy moon

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