Teksty piosenek / N / N.O.R.E.

  40 Island

  Banned from another club

  Banned from tv

  Big D

  Black clouds

  Bloody money part II

  Bloody money part III

  Body in the trunk

  Change is gonna come


  Cocaine business (hysteria)


  Da hustla

  Da story

  Don't know what to do

  Don't love no bitches

  Esta loca (Mathematics)


  First day home

  Flagrant cops

  Full mode

  Gangsta's watch

  God's favorite

  Going legit



  Halfway thugs (prt 2)

  Head bussa


  Hit me slime

  Hold me down

  If you want it

  I love my life

  It's not a game

  I wanna fuck you

  Live my life

  Love ya moms

  Married to marijuana

  Movin out

  Mr. Ceo




  Oh no

  Oye mi canto

  Play that shit

  Police rush the spot

  Real or fake niggaz



  Soul food


  The assignment

  The change

  The life of a

  The way we live

  Thugged out

  Thug poetry

  Thugs r' us


  Wanna be like him

  We thugged out

  What the fuck is up

  What u rep

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki