4 Ankles

  Abandoned mine

  Acres of tintoretto

  Adieu sweet bahnhof

  All or nothing

  An eating house

  A to B, C to D

  A touch of Henry Moore

  Bike in head

  Bild am sonntag

  Bite better bark


  Bobby Solo




  Cars & cars

  Chameleon girl

  Christine's world

  Clean shirt in paris

  Cold beer



  Dapper street

  Day & the night

  Desert island song

  Different kitchen


  Empty room

  Everyone must die

  Fire in my head


  Frozen Fred


  Hands of the watch

  Harrow accident

  His first object


  Holiday on ice

  Home before dark

  Homeless boy

  Hook of Holland

  House of the sleeping beauties

  House on the hill

  I'm the one

  In a play

  Inna ditch

  I try

  Jardin d'hiver

  Johnny Said - silver

  J.O.S. days


  Man of straw


  Memories are new iii

  Moon and stars

  Mountain Jan

  Mountains in minutes

  Mourir avant 15 ans

  Moved by her


  New flat

  Night fall

  Office at night

  One eye open

  Oom pah-pah

  Oriental skies

  Out of suburbia

  Pelican & penguin

  Pillow talk

  Ping pong

  Poor man's pound

  Port of Amsterdam

  Red tape

  Rent a cop


  Rubber gloves

  Safety in numbers

  Saint Louis Avenue


  Shadow of a doubt

  Silly fool

  Skate to live

  Sketches of Spain


  Soap bubble box

  Some other night


  Spirits awake

  Springtime coming soon


  Strangers of the night

  Suddenly i met your face

  Tables and chairs

  Take a piece


  The ballroom of romance

  The bauhaus chair

  The cold eye

  The dream

  The hat

  The house

  The infant king

  The infinite shoeblack

  The lodger

  The magic of Lassie

  The panorama man

  The poor man's pound

  The singing telegram

  The swimmer

  The tender trap

  The train

  The vermillion pencil

  The young reporter

  Think it over


  Tons of ink

  Tree is falling

  Tutti ragazzi

  Two four

  Two skaters

  Typist of candy


  Umbrella army

  Uncle on Mars

  Under a canoe

  Under a mask

  Unpleasant surprise

  Vah hollanda seni seni

  Villa homesick

  Walls have ears

  Whales of tadoussac

  What we did on our holidays

  White night

  Who's the killer

  Who stole my kidney

  Woman cactus



  Yellow boat

  You don't need eyes to see

  Your next tyres


Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki