Teksty piosenek / N / Nine Days

  257 Weeks


  Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)

  A cold new year

  Another day

  Back To Me



  Blueberry gum

  Bob Dylan

  Castles burning




  Don't Look Back

  Down With The Ship


  End Up Alone


  Fake world


  Favorite Song

  Funeral for a love

  God in the numbers

  Good Friend

  Great Divide

  Greener Grass

  He never meant

  Her own two feet

  I Feel Fine

  If I Am

  I love you


  Lord, i've been trying

  Lost you


  Man on a mission



  Miss Alva Maria

  Muddy water

  Nature is the law


  On Her Way To Boston

  Patrick and the courtyarders




  Running away

  Science of silence

  Shipwreck water

  Shoes On The Bed

  So Far Away


  Still Here

  Swing it solo

  The Joneses

  The miracle

  The price

  The room

  Things we said

  Twisted circle

  Two ghosts in a graveyard

  Two Ghosts In The Graveyard

  Wanna Be


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