Teksty piosenek / N / Nik Kershaw

  15 Minutes

  All is fair

  Already there



  Bring on the dancing girls

  Burning at both ends

  City of angels

  Cloak and dagger

  Cowboys & Indians

  Dancing girls

  Die laughing

  Don Quixote

  Don't ask me

  Don't let me out of my cage

  Drum talk


  Elisabeth's eyes



  Find me an angel

  Get up

  God bless

  Gone to pieces

  Have a nice life

  Hello world

  How sad

  Human racing

  I won't let the sun go down on me

  James cagney

  Jane doe

  Know how


  Lady on the phone

  Life goes on

  Made in heaven

  Nobody knows

  One day

  One step ahead

  One world

  Radio musicola


  Running scared

  Save the whale

  Shame on you

  Shine on

  Show them what you're made of

  Somebody loves you

  Stick around

  Take me to church

  Take my place

  The riddle

  Violet to blue


  What do you think of it so far

  What the papers say

  When a heart beats

  Wild boy

  Wild horses

  Wouldn't it be good


  Wounded Knee

  You might

  Your brave face

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