Teksty piosenek / N / Nightwish

  10th Man Down

  A final dream

  Angel fall first

  A return to the sea

  Astrasl romance


  Bare grace misery

  Beauty and the beast

  Bless The Child



  Come cover me

  Creek mary's blood


  Dark chest of wonders

  Dead boy's poem

  Dead garden's

  Dead To The World

  Deep silent complete

  Devil & the deep dark ocean


  End Of All Hope

  Ever Dream

  Fantas mic

  Feel for you

  Forever yours


  Ghost love score

  Higher than hope

  Know why the nightingale sings

  Kuolema tekee taiteilijan



  Live to tell the tale

  Long lost love


  Nemo (deutsche)


  Nymphomaniac fantasia

  Ocean soul

  Once upon a troubadour

  One more night to live

  Over The Hills And Far Away

  Passion and the opera

  Planet hell


  Sacrament of wilderness

  She is my sin

  Slaying the dreamer

  Sleeping sun



  Summer kisses winter tears


  The carpenter

  The kingslayer

  The pharao sails to orion

  The riddler

  The siren

  The wayfarer

  This moment is eternity


  Two for tragedy

  Until dawn

  Walking in the air


  Where were you last night

  White night fantasy

  Wish i had an angel


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