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Nickelback - Detangler

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I asked you to stay
  But you said there's no way
  I begged-- you call
  And you leave me after all
  I know I'm not to blame
  I know you don't feel the same
  Didn't even tell me why
  You just left me here to die
  I stand, I fall, I bounce off these 4 walls
  You laugh, you leave
  And you leave me here alone,
  Is this how its gonna be
  It's fine for you and not for me
  Did you even care at all
  You stand, I fall
  I'm guilty too
  forsiring all to you
  Well, that's my one sin
  Sorry for giving in
  Didn't mean to waste your time
  Thanks for wasting mine
  Could have to tried to let me be
  Would you just set me free?
  Could I pay you not to...

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