Teksty piosenek / N / New Found Glory

  2's + 3's

  2's And 3's

  3rd And Long

  All About Her


  Ballad For The Lost Romantics


  Better Off Dead

  Black And Blue

  Boy Crazy

  Broken Sound


  Come Back Bon Jovi

  Congrats You're Beautiful

  Dressed To Kill

  (Everything I Do) I Do It For You



  Forget Everything

  Forget My Name

  Head On Collision

  Heaven Isn't Too Far Away

  Hit Or Miss

  Hit Or Miss

  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

  I Love Rock N' Roll

  It Never Snows In Florida

  It's Been A Summer


  My Friends Over You

  My Heart Will Go On

  My Solution

  Never Ending Story

  Never Give Up

  Never Sometimes

  Passing Time

  Scraped Knees

  Second To Last


  Sincerely Me

  Singled Out

  So Many Ways

  Something I Call Personality




  Tell Tale Heart

  That Thing You Do

  That Winter Of 95'

  That Winter Of '95

  The Blue Stare

  The Glory Of Love

  The Goodbye Song

  The Goonies R Good Enough

  The Great Houdini

  The Minute I Met You

  The Story So Far

  The Toothpick Song [Secret Track]

  Time After Time



  You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania

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