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Natalia Kukulska - Perfect harmony

Tekst piosenki:

  When I was a little girl
  In my cosy little wonderland
  Didn't know why it always seemed
  That the princess should wait
  And I tried to imagine how
  I could be sure
  That ( the ) arrow that may strike your heart
  Isn't poison but cure
  pre chorus
  Is it good
  Is it bad
  Is it true
  Is it bluff
  Or Is it fun
  Is it sad
  It is really hard to say
  If you will get a chance
  To know what really love is
  Don't try to understand it
  And then you will feel it
  If you are looking for
  A perfect harmony
  Use your heart when you're in love
  Keep your mind out of it
  When I was a little girl
  And I watched it all unfold
  I couldn't know that the world
  Ain't no monochrome
  And it's taken all this time
  To find what lies behind
  That the true love that will come to you is
  cruel and kind
  pre chorus
  it is good
  it is bad
  it is true
  it is bluff
  it is fun
  it is sad
  and it's not so hard to say

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