Natalia Kukulska - Never loved

Tekst piosenki:

  now when you're gone
  I look through my memory
  still hear your voice
  you are very close to me
  I love those days
  and I wanna have them back
  forget we're sad
  let our hearts remember that
  pre chorus
  still we're having fun
  sharing lovely times
  I'll forget what's wrong 'cause I
  I never loved that much
  until I found you
  It doesn't matter why I do
  you're the only reason why
  I love you
  I'm gonna wait
  there will be for us a better day
  I have the faith
  and it's easy to imagine future when
  pre chorus
  still we're having fun
  sharing lovely times
  there is so much hope for us
  even you're gone
  it is never to late
  to realize
  that it is destiny
  I'll be passion
  'cause I know

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