Natalia Kukulska - I wanna know

Tekst piosenki:

  You're making be better
  you're making me stronger
  I feel so important
  a queen to your king
  you're taking me higher
  you're making me wiser
  and it doesn't matter
  what tomorrow will bring
  pre chorus
  and I just want you to know
  that you're deep in my soul
  every minute hour all the time
  I can't imagine how my life would be
  without you by my side
  there is nothing around
  if you left me I would surely die
  without you I am no one
  I wanna know
  I wanna know
  what a great feeling
  you and I can be together as one
  I'm ready to love you
  I'm ready to share it
  you're taking me places
  where I've never been
  you're making me braver
  you're taking me further
  and showing me marvels
  that I've never seen

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