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Name Taken - Motionless

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This is not how i need to remember you
  My dreams lie outloud but they pull me through
  As I- wonder how i'm breathing
  (when) My eyes have failed to find you with me
  Well here i lay motionless standing still,
  holding on to what i thought that was,
  but you will leave me and lie until my
  last breaths
  hating how you've left me
  Even if i could scream it'd only be half a sigh- of what i think of you
  As I- fail to find you with me
  Here i wait for your descent to the ground
  Opportunity for hate, to write you out- of my heart and my last dreams,
  To bury you pathetic and oridnary
  Just like how you left me now
  Hate how you left me now

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