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Name Taken - Life Goes By

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What's going on
  What's happening to me
  I can't quite describe
  What's missing
  It feels like too much
  That I should know
  The years gone by,
  Where'd they go?
  Where'd they go?
  Is life passing me by?
  Have I missed my try?
  When everyone has gone
  It feels like I'm stuck here
  They've all grown up
  Some have moved on
  And I miss them,
  It's been too long
  They've completed their hopes
  Fulfilled their dreams
  All except, except for me
  Forget about me
  Forget about me
  Forget about me
  Don't forget,
  Please, don't forget about me
  About me
  Thanks to blinkingpyro@aol.com for these lyrics

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