Teksty piosenek / N / Naked Aggression



  Bitter youth

  Breaking away

  Break the walls

  Censored truth

  Chasing dreams

  Comfortably dumb

  Death to all the pics


  Don't waste my time

  Drivin' down the road

  Every day another conflict

  False hope

  Fed up

  Gut wringing machine

  Hardcore guys

  In the night

  Killing floor

  Leave me alone


  Life on the road

  Lock us away

  March march along


  Mind control

  Over the top

  Plastic world

  Problems in your head

  Prose and cons of dying


  Religious lies


  Revolution on the way

  Right now

  Road to ruin

  Silent war

  Smash the state

  Stagger on

  Stay away

  Stop the hate

  The problem's in your head

  They can't get me down

  Time bomb

  Under 18

  Us against them


  Walking around

  Wound up

  You're a disgrace

  You're nightmare, my life

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki