Teksty piosenek / M / Morphine

  A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

  A Head With Wings

  All Wrong

  All Your Way




  Cure For Pain

  Delicious Ocean

  Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave

  Early To Bed

  Eleven O'Clock

  Empty Box

  Free Love

  French Fries W/ Pepper

  Gone For Good


  Hanging On A Curtain

  Have A Lucky Day

  Honey White

  I Had My Chance

  I Know You (Part III)

  I'm Free Now

  I'm Yours You're Mine

  In Spite Of Me

  Let's Take A Trip Together

  Like A Mirror

  Like Swimming

  Mary Won't You Call My Name

  Murder For The Money



  Rope On Fire




  Slow Numbers

  So Many Ways


  Super Sex

  Swing It Low

  Take Me With You

  Test-Tube Baby / Shoot'm Down

  The Jury

  The Night

  The Only One

  The Other Side

  The Saddest Song

  The Way We Met


  Top Floor Bottom Buzzer


  Wishing Well


  You Look Like Rain

  You Speak My Language

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