Teksty piosenek / M / M.O.P.

  4 Alarm blaze

  Ante up


  Background niggaz

  Blood sweat and tears

  Blue steel

  Born 2 kill

  Breakin the rules


  Calm down

  Cold as ice

  Cold world

  Dead and gone

  Down 4 whateva

  Downtown swinga 96

  Drama Lord


  Facing off



  Firing squad

  Fly nigga hill figga

  Follow instructions


  G building

  Get the fuck outta here

  Handle family 4 lif

  Handle ur bizness


  Hilltop flava

  Home sweet home

  How about some hardcore

  Illside of town

  I luv

  It's that simple

  Lifestyles of a ghetto child

  Move something

  My kinda nigga part II

  My nigga hillfigga

  New Jack city

  New York salute


  Nothing 2 lose


  Old timerz

  On the front line

  Operation lockdown

  Pounds up


  Put it in the air

  Raise hell


  Ride with us

  Ring ding

  Roll call

  Rugged neva smooth


  Salute part II

  Stick to ya gunz

  Stress y'all

  Top of the line

  To the death

  Wanna be g's


  Way of the world

  Welcome to brownsville

  What the future holds

  World famous

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki