Teksty piosenek / M / Moonspell / For a taste of eternity

Moonspell - For a taste of eternity

Tekst piosenki:

   Your honey on coil burns,
  As tears drop from your grand dead womb
  Undesired, I fell into your being
  Releasing shapes inside of you
  Only seen in your wildest dreams
  I am the impossibility
  of your long-kept chastity
  I am your offence and you can´t wait
  To have me inside of you and taste...
  Revolving around me,
  in desire, you burn
  As blood drops
  from your new-awakened womb
  Undesired, and thrown away from your belief
  I am the one whom you
  were taught to renounce
  In your virginal fear
  The sweat, the hands, the sleepless nights
  And the violence of the silent sights
  All of them gather in me
  Take my hand and taste eternity
  Take my hand and find a new god

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