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Moonspell - Can't bee

Tekst piosenki:

   Canīt bee your lover
  Canīt bee that loveless
  Canīt bee that healing rope , or anything
  Canīt bee without you, the one or the other
  Canīt even bee what you are for me
  Canīt even bee your final solution
  I hope I was your final pollution
  Canīt bee your motion
  Canīt bee that frozen
  Canīt be those limbs you miss, or everything
  Canīt bee the apocalypse, one or the other
  Canīt live your life for you and for me
  Canīt even bee your final pollution
  I wish I was the heartbeat of your destruction
  Canīt bee like you
  Canīt bee that hateful
  Canīt bee that cross to bridge, or just that thing
  Canīt bee the insect stroke, the distracted love
  Donīt dare to bee what you are for me
  Canīt even bee your absolution
  I pace at the rhythm of your consumption

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