Teksty piosenek / M / Moonspell

  2Second skin



  A hell of place

  Alma mater

  An erotic alchemy



  A poisoned gift

  As we eternally sleep on it



  A walk on the darkside

  Can't bee

  Capricorn at her feet

  Crystal gazing

  Darkness and hope



  Disappear here

  Everything invaded



  For a taste of eternity

  From lowering skies

  Fullmoon madness


  Goat on fire


  Heartshaped abyss

  Herr spiegelmann

  How we became fire

  I am the eternal spectator

  In and above men

  Let the children cum to me

  Love crimes

  Lunar still


  Made of storm




  Mr. Crowley



  Of Dream and drama

  O mal de Cristo


  Opius diabolicum

  Os senhorres da guerra

  Os Ssenhorres da guerra (english)


  Raven claws

  Ruin & misery


  Serpent angel



  Tenebrarum oratorium

  Tenebrarum oratorium (part 2)

  Than the serpents in my arms

  The butterfly FX

  The hanged man

  The solitary vice

  The southern deathstyle


  Translation for opius diabolicum



  Vulture culture


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