Teksty piosenek / M / Moloko


  Absent minded friends

  A drop in the ocean

  Are friends electric

  Being is bewildering

  Be like you


  Blow by blow


  Cannot contain this

  Caught in a whisper

  Come on

  Day for night

  Dirty monkey



  Dr. Zee

  Dumb inc

  Familiar feeling

  Forever more

  Fun for me

  Hidden track

  Hu humm

  I can't help myself

  If you have a cross to bear


  It's alright with me

  It's nothing

  I want you

  Killa bunnies

  Knee deeper

  Lotus eaters


  On my horsey

  Over and over

  Over my head

  Party weirdo

  Pretty bridges

  Pure pleasure seeker

  Remain the same

  Should've Been could've been

  Sing it back

  Somebody somewhere



  The flipside

  The id

  The only ones

  The time is now

  The truth

  Tight sweater

  Where is the what if the what is in why

  Who shoot the go go dancer

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki