Teksty piosenek / M / Missy Elliott

  4 My people

  Ain't that funny

  Back in the day

  Beat biters

  Beep me 911

  Best friends

  Bring the pain

  Bus-a-bus interlude

  Busa rhyme

  Can you hear me

  Checkin for you

  Crazy feelings

  Dangerous mouths

  Dats what i'm talkin about

  Dog in heat

  Don't be commin

  Funky fresh dressed

  Get contact


  Get ur freak on

  Gossip folks

  Go to the floor

  Higher ground

  Hit em wit da hee


  Hot boyz

  I'm movin on

  I'm really hot

  I'm talkin

  In my business


  Is this our last time

  I've changed

  Izzy izzy ahh

  Keep it movin

  Let it bump

  Lick shots

  Missy's finale

  Nothing out there for me

  Old school joint

  One minute man (remix)


  Pass da blunt

  Pass that dutch

  Play that beat

  Pump it up


  Release the tension

  Religious blessings - outro

  She's a bitch

  Slap! slap! slap!


  Smooth chick

  So addictive

  Sock it to me

  Spelling bee

  Step off

  Stickin chickens

  Take away

  The rain

  They don't wanna fuck wit me

  Throw your hands up


  U can't resist

  Wake up

  We did it

  Whatcha gon do

  What you say

  Who you gonna call

  Why you hurt me

  Work it


  You don't know

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