Teksty piosenek / M / Millencolin

  9 To 5

  A Bit Of Muslin

  Absolute Zero



  An Elf And His Zippo

  A Ten


  Battery Check

  Black Eye

  Black Gold

  Boring Planet

  Botanic Mistress


  Bull By The Horns



  Chiquita Chaser


  Dance Crane

  Dance graze

  Da Strike

  Devil Me

  Dinner Dog

  Disney Time

  Domestic Subway


  Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide


  E20 Norr

  Entrance At Rudebrook

  Entrance at ruderbrook

  Every breath you take

  Fazil's Friend

  Fingers Crossed

  Flippin' Beans

  Flower Treatment


  Friends 'Til The End

  Friends til the end

  Fuel To The Flame

  Greener Grass

  Happiness For Dogs


  Highway Donkey

  Home From Home

  House Of Blend

  In A Room

  Into The Maze







  Lights Out


  Lozin' Must

  Man Or Mouse

  Material Boy


  Melancholy Protection

  Monkey Boogie


  Move Your Car

  Mr. Clean

  Mystic Reptile


  Nine To Five

  No Cigar





  Penguins & Polar Bears

  Penguins & polarbears


  Punk Rock Rebel


  Queen's Gambit

  Random I Am


  Right About Now

  Shake Me


  Stop To Think


  Take It Or Leave It

  The Ballad

  The Downhill Walk

  The Einstein Crew

  The love story

  The Mayfly

  The Story Of My Life

  Trendy Winds

  Twenty Two

  Use Your Nose


  Vixen (deutsche)

  Vulcan Ears

  Yellow Dog

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