Teksty piosenek / M / Midnight Oil


  Armistice day

  Artic world

  Back on the borderline

  Barest degree

  Basement flat

  Bedlam bridge

  Beds are burning

  Bells and horns in the back of beyond

  Best of both worlds

  Blossom and blood


  Blue sky mine

  Brave faces

  Bring on the change




  Cemetery in my mind

  Cold cold change

  Common ground


  Confortable place on the couch

  Don't wanna be the one


  Drop in the ocean

  Drums of heaven


  Earth and sun and moon


  Feeding frenzy

  Forgotten years

  Gunbarrel highway


  Head over heels

  Helps me helps you


  If ned Kelly was king

  I'm the cure

  In the rain

  In the valley

  Is it now

  Jimmy sharman's boxers

  King of the mountain

  Knife's edge

  Koala sprint


  Loves on sale

  Lucky country


  Minutes to midnight

  Mountains of burma

  My country

  Naked flame

  No reaction

  Nothing lost - nothing gained

  No time for games

  Now or never land

  One country

  One too many times

  Only the strong

  Outbreak of love

  Outside world



  Power and the passion



  Put down that weapon

  Quinella holyday

  Read about it

  Redneck wonderland

  Renaissance man

  Return to sender

  River uns red

  Run by night

  Safety chain blues

  Scream in blue

  Section 5

  Seeing is believing

  Sell my soul

  Shakers and movers

  Shipyards of New Zealand

  Short memory

  Sins of omission


  Somebody is trying to tell me something

  Someone else to blame


  Spirit of the age

  Stand in line

  Star of hope

  Stars of warburton

  Surfing with a spoon

  Surf's up tonight

  Tell me the truth

  The dead heart

  The great gibber plain

  The real thing

  Time to heal

  Tin legs and tin mines



  Used and abused

  US forces


  Wharf rat

  What goes on

  When the generals talk

  White skin black heart


  Who can stand in the way

  Written in the heart

  You may not be released

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki