Teksty piosenek / M / Michael Card

  Abba father

  By your name

  Carmen christi

  Celebrate the child

  Come to the table

  Could it be

  Cross of glory

  Crown him

  Distressing disguise

  Don't you know


  El shaddai

  Face the light

  Fan the flame

  Flesh of his flesh

  Forgiving eyes

  God's own fool

  God will provide a lamb

  He was heard

  Hound of heaven

  I have decided


  In stillness and simplicity

  In the garden

  Jesus let us come to know you

  Jesus loves me

  Joseph's song

  Joy in the journey

  Known by the scars

  Know you in the now

  Light of the world

  Live this mystery

  Livin' we die

  Love crucified arose


  Meditation, baptism

  No rusty swords

  Now that i've held him in my arms

  Overture of the trilogy

  Ride on to die


  Spirit of the age

  Stranger on the shore

  That's what faith must be

  The final word

  The gentle healer

  The lamb is lion

  The nazarene

  The promise

  The voice of the child

  The wedding

  The word

  This must be the lamb

  To the mystery

  Traitor's look

  What will it take


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