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Mia X - Rainy dayz

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   [Chorus: Mia X & Mo B. Dick]
  Sometimes I love the rainy days
  So my mind and this pain can drift away
  Sometimes I love the rainy days
  So my mind and this pain can drift away
  Sometimes I love the rainy days
  So my mind and this pain can drift away
  Sometimes I love the rainy days
  [Mia X]
  Tears from Heaven rain down and cleanse me
  I'm out of control sometimes so much stuff's on my mind
  I'm trying to find the right path to walk on
  Maintain and be strong but I don't know how long
  I can keep on, sleep on it
  My partner said
  And then nightmares of troubled times invade the space in my head
  I'd rather be dead often than to deal with the pain and pressure
  So let the rain fall and take it away all forever
  But you can never be rid of troubled times
  You can run away, try ot block it out but they gon' stay, stand firm
  So we gotta learn how to deal with it
  Look life in the eye be real with it (I'm trying)
  I'm still getting bits and pieces of womanhood
  Finally starting to realize that being grown ain't all good
  I would rather be eight at my mom's place
  Cuddled and sheltered from the pain
  But for now I'ma leave it with the rain
  [Verse 2]
  Please let it rain before my man comes home
  Maybe he'll wanna talk and practice between my thighs
  Instead of on my eyes, while my
  I going throught this I keep asking myself
  Does somebody really love you, taking blows at you
  Controlling you, and do you really love yourself
  I don't know, it's like I can't think for myself anymore
  I'm looking at the door, Lord please give me the courage to step
  And if I do will I regret the day I left
  Is he the best thing to ever happen to me
  And is it a minor flaw when he leaves scars after beating me
  Or can it be my self-eteem left with the first bruise
  Lord, will I ever be a victim on the evening news, I'm so confused
  I've got more blues than B.B.
  He keeps on pushing and hitting and shoving
  And then claiming that he loves me
  For life, trying to call me his wife
  No rings of course
  So can I give all this pain to the rain, let it pour
  Will I ever, ever, ever in my ruggedy life
  Live in a happy home and be a happy man's wife
  No cheating, no fights, connected to wealth
  And proud to look in the mirror and love myself
  I think not, my hand full of dreams is all I got
  One wishing that the rain could make it all stop
  Top it off more, all the exit doors are locked
  Click, change up got my brain detained and stained
  What am I to do, Lord please talk to me
  This bottle of Valiums keeps calling me
  [Thunder claps and rain falling]
  And he spoke, gave a sister award of hope
  I'm bout to take my life back for sho'
  No more, waiting for things to happen for me
  Heaven's tears got me seeing things clearly, I love the rain
  [Chorus: with Mia X ad-libs] to fade

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