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Mia X - Much love

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   Yo, this for all the thugs out there
  Hustlin, strugglin
  Even with them 9 to 5
  I gotta let you know that
  Somebody loves you baby
  I know I love mine
  I think back to shit that happened
  Now when we first met, my people really wasn't
  Down for seeing me with a nigga who was thuggin
  They told me you was trouble and wouldn't amount to shit
  They said you'd hold me back
  And give me plenty kids
  They didn't even want to try and get to know you better
  my dad was like hell no
  And moms was like whatever
  But never in my life have I felt this way
  And I know that this is right no matter what they say
  Even though you on the grime
  Tryin to turn a dime into a dollar
  You never to busy to holler
  Askin bout my day my needs my feelings
  Man enough to tell me what we got is realing
  Toughing up my game, preparing me for these streets
  Cause every brother don't treat every sister like a queen
  You visualize my dreams and speak from your heart
  Much love to my thug
  boo I hope we never part
  Lets make it last forever
  Through thick and thin and up and down
  You have shown me love
  So I'm gone be right by your side
  Got much love for my thug
  I remember when we got our very first little place
  Not much furniture, but still we had each other
  It was dead smack in the middle of the hood
  But it was all good
  Cause we be livin large once we could
  But for now we was barely seeing pennies
  I was waitin tables
  And you was on the corner wild with them 20's
  The land of plenty seemed so far away
  But your bus rides and flights
  Put it closer in eyesight
  Long nights of cookin, cuttin and baggin
  Kept your nerves bad and your eyes red and saggin
  Staggerin in the door drunk
  Pushin my accusations about them hoes
  Time to flaunt
  I was sure you was messing around
  We start to fight
  Even though I was wrong
  You loved it when I stood my ground strong
  That's why you kept me on your arm on your way up
  My thug had me tight in his corner I got much love
  Now, here we are plush cribs and cars
  You hold the title of the newest ghetto star
  You gotta watch you back
  Cause them niggaz out to jack
  And you gotta guard my tracks
  Cause them niggaz kidnap
  You even made me pack a baby nine in my purse
  Took me to the shootin range
  How to aim and where to hurt
  Make they families feel the worse
  Cause loosing me your biggest fears
  You said you wasn't even trying to shed those tears
  So now I here that your having your flings
  I just laugh cause them broads will never wear my rings
  Have my things and
  Most of all have your heart
  We got the strongest ghetto love that will never part
  So, when you fell I stood by your side
  Took a stand in line
  Never let them break me
  Though they tried
  Cause through it all I'll be by you thug
  Real for you thug
  Even kill for you thug
  Much love

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