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Mia X - Fallen angels

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   Dear Jill
  I've been trying to do my thing
  Since you've been away
  But I think about you everyday
  It's still hard
  I'm still bitter
  Still missin you sister
  I pour out a little liquor
  Spray your favorite perfume
  We hit the blunt now and then
  Bust out laughin and chokin
  Cuz me and you really wasn't bout no smokin
  Your mom is coping, but it's so rough
  I can see it in her eyes
  I can't stand to be around her too long
  She makes me wanna cry
  Why do God sometimes take away the good ones
  That's the big question that's got everybody stressin
  Ask him for me, so I can tell the mothers and fathers
  Who can't stop mourning for their sons and daughters
  It gets hard around the holidays and your birthdays
  We try to keep busy, taking extra work days
  My hurt days is when I go to ???
  Cuz I ain't got my girl to split it with
  I really get sick
  When I think about that dirty nigga
  But mentally I know he's gettin his
  That makes me sleep better
  I'm never gonna let your memory die
  Even though a big part of me died when you left us
  I bought my moms a house
  The kids are gettin so big
  Even got me a man and all
  We call him Hotboy
  Our kinda nigga
  Thugged out, slugged up
  Bad temper known for tearin shit up
  He treats me nice though
  But I wanna let you know that I'ma work hard
  To stay on the right track and stay on guard
  Lord knows that I love you, my friend
  And I'ma end this until we meet again
  I miss you, Jill
  Chorus: repeat 4X
  Fallen, fallen angels
  I can't believe that you are gone
  I'm standing here all alone

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