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Mia X - Bring da drama

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   [Big Ed]
  My initial's explosive (BOOM!), left my enemies' corpse exposed
  Cats when they told ya, now D-Body did the work and I'm loaded
  I bust for niggas that down, gat to gat combat military tactics
  So watch your set, cause the gat's a constant threat
  Bet that I won't have a problem with cueing my killers
  I got G's in the hood, and warriorettes slicing they some peelers
  Rip the skin off your back, from your neck to your ass crack
  Nigga it ain't my body, can't believe that you asked that
  T-R-U tatted on my abdomen, been a killer since the eights age of ten
  Got the crowds jumping
  So what you wanna do, what ya thank
  I have skunks that'll match your carcass saying damn that nigga stank
  AR fifteens spitting shells like a elephant
  Apologies are relevant, haters start protecting put out hits
  Cause this is Ed a.k.a. Assassin
  Me and my sister Mia X, we just counting cheddar laughing
  [Chorus: Fiend, (Big Ed), & {Mia X}]
  Bring da drama, (If you got it on ya mind)
  Bring da drama, {If you caught slinging ours}
  Bring da drama, (If you wanna top my click)
  Bring da drama, {Find that ass in a ditch}
  Bring da drama nigga, (If you got it on ya mind)
  Bring da drama, {If you caught slinging ours}
  Bring da drama, (If you wanna top my click)
  Bring da drama, {Find that ass in a ditch} Bring da drama nigga
  [Mr. Serv-On]
  Some bomb ass click for the latest, hey the greatest
  I bring da drama, safe by ya mama
  When you leave the house, this is what I been about
  Banging and slanging, taking yours and making it mine
  Bringing in choke lines, it's my year
  Strike fear in ya place when I hit the face
  Bow down, bow down just in case I feel like causing problems at your way
  Mama don't shake, know I'ma stay
  Lay in rest your baby done took em' to the chest
  And I be the culprit
  The baddest motherfucker south of Army Southern
  Fuck ya life, done passed the light, that's all you saw
  Now you down, 1 to the 2 to the 3 fuck the numbers
  It's a bloody summer, gun runner
  Son of a bitch quick to slit your throat
  I like some oats at the same time drink the blood of a goat
  Now please let me lay happy as hell in the smoke
  And let these motherfuckers choke
  Off the lyrical, count em' days
  Call the paramedics, it's an emergency
  I done brung the fucking drama, ya heard me, Serv-On
  [Mia X]
  I close shop on the block, now
  Tow, what you wanna do, I'm coming through
  Hell naw, it them bitches now bitch get off me, biggest Mama Mia
  Lady Smith & Wesson nine milli heater, wreckin' em'
  Always got insubordinate say no you ain't no friend of Mia
  You cannot see this ghetto diva, get rich either
  So she wants to be a, but she's neither
  Get her there, her central plans have been deviated
  Tell em' why, her ho styles have yet to be appreciated
  She's been waiting to see the fire from a real ho
  No doubt who brings the noise like them bitches in a jailhouse
  From el jay, or even worse a setback on a cold day
  Those who play I hate, let it be known that I regulate
  Will steal ya fate after just one rhyme
  And chick ya left a buck jump after second line it's my time
  So I bust without hesitance, every word man is evidence
  Niggas clear the way cause ya lyrically impotent
  Soft and mama likes it hard no doubt
  I ride with the tank takes shots for the south
  So bring the drama nigga
  [Fiend & (Mia X)]
  Bring da drama, (Find that ass in a ditch) Bring da drama nigga

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