Beaten and bruised






  Friends like these


  Her needs


  I don't expect to be right

  I don't think they know

  I fall over

  In the light of day


  I only wanted to

  Is nothing sacred

  It scares me

  Just once

  Last breath of you

  Leave you nothing

  My defender

  My perfection

  My sadest day

  Needle in a bruise

  Not prepared

  People like me

  Remember who you are

  Safe with me

  Self healing lie


  So easy

  So important

  Someone to believe in

  Something wrong

  State of mind


  Talk down

  The damage you do

  The purest people

  Thinking aloud

  This without you

  Time enough

  Trust you

  Waiting for someone

  Waste of time

  You didn't want me

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki