Teksty piosenek / M / Melissa Ferrick

  Anything anywhere

  Bad bad girl


  Blind side

  Blue sky night

  Breaking vows

  Break up song

  Cracker Jack Kid



  Everything i need

  Every three words


  Falling on fists


  For once in my life


  Gotta go now

  Happy song

  Hello dad

  Hold on

  Honest eyes

  I am done

  I am not

  I give up

  I like it that way

  In a world like this

  I still love you

  I will arrive

  Little love

  Love song

  Mad at the industry song

  Massive blur



  North Carolina

  One night stand

  Other side

  Particular place to be

  Sky above

  Somehow we get there

  Some kind of nerve

  Street light

  Take me all

  Ten friends

  The Juliana Hatfield song

  The meaning of love

  Then so it is

  The other side

  The stranger

  Till you're dead

  Til you're dead

  Time flies

  To let you see me

  Trouble in my head

  Welcome to my life


  What have i got to lose

  When you left

  Willing to wait

  Will you be the one

  Win 'em over

  Wonder why

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