Teksty piosenek / M / Meat Puppets

  A hundred miles

  Animal kingdom

  Another moon

  Armed and stupid

  Attacked by monsters

  Automatic mojo



  Backwater (deutsche)

  Bad love



  Blue-green god


  Chemical garden



  Coming down

  Confusion fog



  Dry rain


  Enchanted porkfist

  Endless wave

  Evil love



  Flaming heart

  Forbidden places

  For free


  Get on down



  Hot pink

  I am a machine

  I can't be counted on

  In love

  I quit

  Lake of fire




  Like being alive


  Litter box

  Look at the rain


  Love offering

  Love our children forever

  Melons rising



  Mountain line

  Nail it down

  Never to be found

  New gods

  No longer gone

  Not swimming ground

  Oh me

  Open wide

  Other kinds of love

  Out my way


  Party till the world obeys

  Pieces of me


  Playing dead

  Poison arrow



  Push the button

  Quit it


  Roof with a hole


  Saturday morning


  Severed goddess hand

  Sexy music

  She's hot


  Split myself in two


  Strings on your heart

  Sweet ammonia

  Swimming ground

  Take off your clothes


  Taste of the sun

  That's how it goes

  The gold mine

  The mighty zero

  The whistling song

  The wind and the rain


  This day

  Too real

  Touchdown king

  Two rivers

  Up on the sun


  Violet eyes

  We don't exist

  We're here




  You love me

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki