Teksty piosenek / M / MC Lyte

  10% Dis

  2 Young 4 what

  Absolutely positively

  Act like you know

  All that

  Another dope (intro)

  Beyond the hype

  Big bad sista

  Break it down


  Can you dig it


  Cha Cha Cha


  Cold rock a party

  Cold Rock A Party (Main Version)

  Cold Rock A Party (MC Lyte Main Version)

  Cold Rock A Party (Milk Remix)

  Cold Rock A Party (Original Album Version)

  Don't cry big girls


  Eyes are the soul

  Hard copy

  Have u ever

  Have You Ever

  I am the Lyte

  I Am Woman

  I can't make a mistake

  I cram to understand u

  In my business

  It's all yours

  Jam for the ladies


  Keep it movin

  Keep On Keepin' On

  Keep on, keepin' on

  Kickin' 4 Brooklyn

  K-rock's the man

  Like a Virgin

  Likes swingin'

  Like that Anna

  Lola from the copa

  Lyte as a rock

  Mickey slipper

  Not wit' a dealer


  Party goin on

  Please understand

  Poor Georgie


  Search 4 the light

  Shut the eff up

  Slave 2 the rhythm

  Steady fucking

  Stop, look, listen

  Survival of the fittest (remix)

  Take it off

  The rap game

  Throwin' words at u

  When in love

  Woo woo

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