Teksty piosenek / M / MC Eiht

  Ain't nuthin' 2 it

  All around the hood

  All for the money

  Any meanz

  Anything u want


  Can i get mine

  Can i still kill it


  Collect my stripez

  Compton 4 death

  Compton bomb

  Compton cyco

  Dayz of 89

  Def wish II

  Def wish III

  Def wish IV



  From yo hood 2 my hood

  Fuc your hood

  Goin out like geez

  Got cha humpin

  Hard times

  Hold up

  Hood ratz


  Killin niggaz

  Killin season

  Kind of pimpish

  Late nite hype part 2

  Living n' tha streets

  Love 4 tha hood


  Me & my bitch

  Murder at night

  Must be murder

  My life

  Niggaz make the hood go round

  Niggaz that kill

  Nuthin but the gangsta

  Once upon a time n the ghetto

  Return fire

  Run 4 your life

  Set trippin

  So ruff

  Strawberriez n cream

  Streiht up menace

  Take 2 with me

  Tha business

  Tha hood is mine

  Tha hood still got me under

  Tha way we run it

  Thicker than water

  Thuggin it up

  Till i die

  Tough guyz

  Under attack

  We come strapped

  When all hell breaks loose

  Who's tha man

  You can't see me

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