Teksty piosenek / M / Mazzy Star

  All your sisters

  Asleep from day

  Before i sleep

  Bells ring

  Be my angel

  Blue flower

  Blue light

  Cry, cry


  Fade into you

  Flowers in december


  Ghost highway

  Give you my lovin

  Had a thought

  Hair and skin



  I'm gonna bake my biscuit

  I'm sailin

  Into dust

  It speaks the distance

  I've been let down

  Let that be

  Look on down from the bridge

  Mary of silence

  Now that you're gone

  Rhymes of an hour

  Ride it on


  She hangs brightly

  She's my baby

  Sometimes always

  So tonight that i might see

  Still cold

  Take everything

  Taste of blood

  Tell me now

  Tell your honey


  Under my car



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