Teksty piosenek / M / Matt Bianco

  A day in your life




  Buddy love

  Can't stop this feeling

  Can you feel it


  Cha cha Cuba

  Could you be

  Flamenco nights

  Friend of mine

  Get out of your lazy bed

  Gypsy lady

  Half a minute

  Head over heals

  I need you know

  It's getting late

  Keep the dream alive

  Lady of my mind

  Let it whip

  Lost souls

  Love juts passed me by

  Love life

  Mood swing

  No no never

  No other woman

  Our love

  Pasion gitana

  Riding with the wind

  River of dreams

  Samba in your casa

  Sneaking out the back door

  Stake out


  Strange town

  Sunshine day

  The night has just begun

  This world is a ghetto

  True love

  Turn it upside down


  Victim of love

  What a fool believes

  Whose side are you on

  You and i

  You make my world go round

  Your destiny

  You're the rhythm

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