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Marillion - These chains

Tekst piosenki:

   Everything crashed
  His wife left him
  He lost all of his money
  And most of his friends
  He lay awake all night
  Lonely and desperate
  Starting again
  4.00 in the morning
  Sat in the kitchen
  Keys on the table
  Went out for a drive
  He didn't know
  Where he was going
  Didn't know
  If he was alive
  The dawn was breakin
  A new day was rising
  Shadows creepin over the fields
  He watched the pink light
  Steal across the horizon
  He realised
  He saw with new eyes
  These chains are all your own
  These chains are comfortable
  This cage was never locked
  Born free but scared to be
  This cage was made for you
  With care and constant attention
  This cage is safe and warm
  Will you die and never know what it's like

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