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Marillion - The invisible man

Tekst piosenki:

   The world's gone mad
  And I have lost touch
  I shouldn't admit it
  But I have.
  It slipped away while I was distracted
  I haven't changed
  I swear I haven't changed
  How did this happen?
  I didn't feel myself
  My body has gone
  But my eyes remain
  Hovering. Witnessing.
  Cold as a ghost ..watching the streets
  Sheltering in doorways of
  Venice, Vienna,
  Budapest, Krakow, and Amsterdam
  I have become the invisible man
  The invisible heart beating against you
  The invisible pulse silently thumping
  I shout my name in the public places
  No one seems to notice
  No one understands
  I stand perfectly still
  In the middle of the road
  I hold my nerve
  I hold my nerve
  Hold my nerve
  But the cars don't swerve
  I will hear your prayers
  As you whisper alone
  I am the one you felt was close
  Close behind you in St.Stephen
  You lit a candle
  Blessings in the cold night air
  I'll feel your breath as you turn to go
  I'll watch you leave
  From somewhere up high
  As you cross the park
  In the Autumn light
  In the Autumn light
  In the Autumn light
  If I close my eyes
  I can see where you live
  Climb the winding stairs
  Up to your apartment
  The scent of you preparing
  His evening meal
  I must watch in dread
  When he's cruel to you
  In horrified silence
  As you make love
  I cannot lift a hand
  Lift a hand to stop him
  I don't exist What can I do?
  What can I do?
  I will scream in your ear
  As you're passing by
  I will wrap my arms around you
  You won't hear, you won't feel me
  I will walk stride for stride with you
  I will try to help
  When you stumble
  You will stumble through me.
  I have become the invisible man
  It’s all I am
  I have read all your letters
  I know what you contain
  I have dreamt your dreams
  My head..
  My head is haunted
  I will scream again
  “I am perfectly sane”
  “I am perfectly sane”
  But I am
  The invisible man
  I am
  The invisible man
  Talk to me
  Acknowledge me
  Confide in me
  Confess to me ... or
  Leave me be
  Leave me be.

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