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Marillion - Living with the big lie

Tekst piosenki:

   It all began with the bright light
  The bright light and the noise
  The chaos of the senses and the scream of desire
  Touching and being touched
  A million loose ends to tie up
  Ticking of the clock and the cradle rock
  The colours stand still
  And then they move around
  Comin' in and out of focus upside down
  Empty winter trees
  How space feels
  Love of the soft ... flowers and the sky
  One fine day
  The chaos subsides
  Bleeds into awareness
  And a lifetime of surprise
  The beauty of your mothers eyes
  The pain when you fall
  You drink it in and marvel at it all
  But you never really figure it out
  You get used to it
  The babble of the family
  And the dumb TV
  Roar of the traffic and the thunder of jets
  Chemicals in the water
  Drugs in the food
  The heat of the kitchen and the beat of the system
  The attitude of authority
  The laws and the rules
  Hit me square in the face, first morning at school
  The heroes and the zeroes
  The first love of my life
  When to kiss and to kick and to keep your head down
  when they're choosing the sides
  I was never any good at it
  I was terrified most of the time
  I never got over it
  I got used to it
  Alone in the city at seventeen
  With the hollow, the lonely
  The drowning and the drowned
  I was made to feel worthless
  The wretched and the mean
  Beat me up like a weapon I can't run away from or find a way round
  Holdin' on, holdin' on
  The greed and the missiles
  Exploding somewhere every day
  Hideous dark secrets under the sea and in holes in the ground
  The cold war's gone
  Those bastards'll find us another one
  They're here to protect you, don't you know?
  So get used to it
  Get used to it!
  The clash of religions
  The loaded prayers
  The face of starvation and the state of the nation
  The sense that it's useless
  And the fear to try
  Not believing the leaders, the media that feeds us
  Living with the big lie
  You get used to it
  Get used to it!
  It's OK! It's OK! ... I got used to it!
  It's OK! ... I got used to it!

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